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The government forced to give up submitting a bill to deny overtime pay in the coming session of the Diet
January 17

Prime Minister Abe Shinzo at a news conference on January 16 said his government would not submit “a white-collar exemption” bill in this year’s regular session of the Diet due on January 25th.

Zenroren has criticized the government proposal to legalize unpaid overtime work for “white-collar” workers as a measure destroying the 8-hour day. In a published comment, Zenroren Secretary General Odagawa Yoshikazu said that the government’s decision to shelve the bill conforms to Zenroren’s opposition backed by workers’ demand.

Even some ruling party politicians have criticized the bill as a measure that would have adverse effect on many salaried workers. Clearly, they were concerned about the negative impact the bill would have on their campaigning in the coming House of Councilors election.

Odagawa said that the government has only delayed introducing the “white-collar exemption” bill to the Diet until after the House of Councilors election. Zenroren is demanding to force the government to completely give up the bill, exposing the government’s underhanded tactic to divert public attention from it.

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